preparation for practical

Have you prepared for the practical which will start tomorrow till the end of the year? Have you done with the research on the ICs number that given to you on last monday? You can try to draw the logic circuit and do the theoretical result for the circuit. Do not forget to instal the Multisim software in your computer which you will need this software for your practical.

You can find mire information on loguc gate by visiting

Logic Gate

Topic of the day is “Logic Gate”. Logic gate is define as a device which consists of one or more binary input and only produce appropriate binary output depends on the status of input. We also discuss on the truth table and OR Gate? How much AND Gate? What is the result if we add AND Gate and NOT Gate? Thanks everyone for cooperating very well in todays lesson.

Digital Signal

We had finished with the topic “Digital Signal” this week. In this topic, we discussed on Analogue Signal and Digital Signal. I also mentioned some advantages and disadvantages of using digital signal. One of the example of Digital Signal we used is “SWITCH”. In the class, we had discussed on Diode Switching Circuit and Transistor Switching Circuit. What are the THREE output of a tri-state device and what is the function.

The short test for DIGITAL SIGNAL will be on 19th Sept 2011.

Good Luck!! 🙂

5th Sept 2011 Lesson

Today’s lesson was started with doing correction and discussion on Numbering System Assignment. Then followed by the main topic today which is Digital Signal. In the class, we discussed on the two types of signal which is Analogue Signal and Digital Signal. So what are the differences between Analogue Signal and Digital Signal? What are the advantages of Digital Signal? Give some other examples of digital signal in our daily lifes other than switch.

My experience & View

I started my teaching career in Jan 2008. On the first day i report to MKJB, i was asked to teach “Electronics for PND”. Then i started to take over the subject and make preparation, after a week i went in the class to teach without observation.

During the first time i went in the class, i felt very funny and cant stop laughing when i faced my students.Most of the students are like the same age as mine and some are even older than me which make me feel funny and uncomfortable. But as time pass by, i was able to overcome it and get used to it.

I have been teaching for more than 3 years now, honestly i have never do any lesson plan. Everytime i go into my class, i explain by the flow of my note. I also used whiteboard to explain most of the time.

For my class evaluation:-

I didnt noticed anything went wrong during my class. It’s just normal and went well throughout the class.May be there is something went wrong that i didnt notice. During the class, i will also give exercise and short quiz. All the students were able to answer correctly. Sometime if the students don’t undertsand, i will try to explain in another way till the students understand. In term of student discipline in the class, i don’t have any major problem too. Im very strict in discipline. I will fill in discipline form therefore a warning letter will be sent to their parents.

But some students were unable to pass my short test which was given 1 or 2 week after that. Students tend to forget about what the teacher teach. Is it a teacher responsibity to make sure the students study at home? If the student failed in test or exam, does that mean the teacher do not know how to teach? Why all the blame must put on teachers? I believe that no teachers want their students to fail and its not the teacher that failed the student.

Dr gilbert mentioned that there should not have failure in VTE education, only competence or uncompetence. I will only agree if:-

1. Teachers can choose the students that are accepted to VTE education. About 80-90% of VTE students are those who failed in Form 5 and not qualify to enter Form 6. Although nowadays have many good grades student apply to VTE but the priority still be given to those who have a lower grade and cant enter Form 6.

2. Allowance only given to students with good grades rather than given to every students. Allowance become the main purpose of the student entering VTE not learning.

3.VTE schools are asked to accept more and more students every year and up to 2 groups of 30 students for each course. With the large of students to teach, its a big challenge to the teacher especially when doing practical. The teachers cant focus on all students in the class. As a result, more students fail in the course. Is this the teachers’ fault? The mission should be change from “QUALITY” to “QUANTITY”.

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